150th Birthday

Where we started

The brief:

To develop an activation to bring this important milestone to life and provide shoppers with a tangible reason to purchase Arnott's Biscuits over the myriad of other treat options available.

The insights:

Consumer Insight: I have great memories of Arnott's biscuits but don’t even remember the last time I had one.

Shopper Insight: I am on autopilot when I get to the aisle in the supermarket and tend to purchase based on price promotions over a range of biscuit.

Trade Insight: There is so much going on in our stores at this time of the year that we are reluctant to support a campaign that does not tick the boxes for us in increased sales, category driving and driving traffic into store.

Our solution

We created interactive in-store displays both at shelf and off-location focussed on driving awareness of the brand to remind there’s always an occasion to bring out the Arnott’s biscuits.

This was run in conjunction with a Consumer Promotion where shoppers could “Scratch to Win” to provide purchase motivator outside of price.

The results

The ambitious sales target of 20%+ was acheived.

Sales Increase